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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hi i write this title that is not a title is called ntsftt why?because ntsftt mean in long form nothing to say for the title now understand.Now go see Ivan hong picture on the left hand bottom corner eating breakfast and sit beside me haha lol.And remember to vote who is a noob?Jun hong, Damien,Ivan or Cheng Yu.My classmate know who are Jun Hong,Damien,Ivan and Cheng Yu so vote and hurry a few days to go and after that you cannot vote liao so faster vote.Errrrr,nothing to say liao bb.

@ Stamford Bridge @.. ::7:24 AM

Saturday, July 5, 2008
Hi,nothing to say la that why kk.That post i posted yesterday say i never write the title again[mean forever].i just wan to say hurry up and vote who is a noob Jun Hong,Damien,Ivan or Cheng Yu kk good haha lol like real.Somebody better vote or no more charges when the poll date is over.My classmates know who is them...Jun Hong,Damien,Ivan and Cheng Yu soooo vote laaaaaaaa!LOL!Also watch some video on the left side and you need to click one picture to watch one video.One by one watch finish everything kk.I talk so much i think you got abc,just kidding hahaha LOL! So nothing to say liao bb.

@ Stamford Bridge @.. ::12:07 AM

Friday, July 4, 2008
Kk i will never write the title again!!!!because do not know what to write ma.It make me mo........ther.Everyday so boring wan.Like I wan to die!!!Nevermind,go and vote who is a noob?Jun hong,Damien,Ivan or Cheng Yu kk good.You better vote for someone who is a noob.Some are my classmate you know who is them kk.Soooooooooooooo nothing to say liao bb.

@ Stamford Bridge @.. ::5:50 AM

Saturday, June 14, 2008
Today nothing to say for the title so what right and i write this is boring right.Boring as ever! I just cannot think out a title.In my mind is nothing.Hey i have a title is nothing haha lol.I have nothing to say liao bb.

@ Stamford Bridge @.. ::9:35 PM

Friday, June 13, 2008

Today so fun,i have no fever le.And I go help clean up the beach road.It a good thing and i very proud ah.Then I go play soccer and it is a competition got prize.Evening my cousin,uncle and aunt come to visit us and we eat dinner and play with my cousin.NICE!So yesterday is boring and today is better.

@ Stamford Bridge @.. ::9:58 PM

Today so boring everyday fever want to die!!!!!!!!!!!!! And cannot play computer so long only can play 10 min boring la.Even I got fever still need to go tuition so boring la.Still cannot play with friends outside and lai that so boring and just say i want to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ Stamford Bridge @.. ::6:43 AM

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hey just come back from putian,china few day ago and ready to post lots of times.It going to be awesome or should I say mega awesome and wish you visit this blog alot of time.Thank you.

@ Stamford Bridge @.. ::6:13 AM

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